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When you want to sell your home or promote your business, but the impact of Covid-19 makes you nervous to proceed. You are concerned that now is not the right time, especially as you do not want to have people unnecessarily traipsing through your property. A Virtual Tour can allay your fears and be the easy solution to your dilemma of selling your home or business. 
Just consider, no need to keep your house pristine at all times because of potential viewings. No shouting at the kids to keep their bedroom tidy and put the toilet seat down! No wasting your valuable time waiting for viewers who may arrive late, or they just do not turn up at all! 
The speed and convenience of online portals means that 98% of people today start their property search online. However, 60% of all viewings are done on an evening after work or on a weekend. 
Selling your property with a Virtual Tour can reduce the stress and means that potential buyers see your home when it is looking at its very best and not on a gloomy winter’s evening. Furthermore, it allows viewing to take place 24/7. This is convenient for the potential buyer who can view on any digital device in the comfort of their own home. Needless to say this is the most convenient option for you. 
The benefit of the Virtual Tour approach not only saves you time and keeps you safe. It also means that when a physical viewing is requested it is by someone who wants to move to the next stage and a potential offer. 
You see, a Virtual Tour allows a potential buyer to navigate your property at their own pace to really get a feel of what your home has to offer. It gives them time to revisit rooms, consider all aspects and engage key parties in their decision-making process. 
If you’re still not convinced why not check some of our virtual tours out here. All of our tours are returned within a maximum of 48 hours of completion. 
Save the aroma of fresh ground coffee for a serious client who has done their homework! And not the tyre kickers who just want to have a nosey… 
Contact us for more information or fill out our enquiry form below! 
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