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Renewable Energy 

Drone technology is a cost efficient solution to provide clients with a complete package to ensure their investment in renewable energy sources are working at optimum levels at all times. Whether, on a commercial basis or for the domestic client the benefit of ensuring the source is working efficiently is essential to optimise output. 
Most renewable energy sources including the following; 
From green field sites to ongoing maintenance programmes drone technology can provide the client with clear images/plans of identified output deficiencies/faults. 
Thermal images 
Flight plans 
Site maps 
Fault identification 
The ability to identify faults quickly allows maintenance to be undertaken swiftly to rectify hidden issues. 
Health and safety issues are minimised as the skilled drone pilot can cover large areas quickly which were previously undertaken by maintenance teams. 
Thermal Images 
Thermal Images 
Flight Plans 
Fault Identification 
Fault Identification 

Thermal Images  

Using a specialist camera to detect infrared radiation and display this as a visible image, this data is then analysed in advanced software which then provides the client with a detailed insight in to issues that may not be identified with the naked eye. 
Instant information: Data output can be provided to clients on site within minutes of detection 
Maintenance Activities: Thermography can be used as part of a predictive maintenance or condition monitoring programme to identify defects early such that remedial works can be scheduled around business operations preventing unplanned production downtime. 
Fault Diagnosis: Where equipment is suspected of operating under faulty conditions or demonstrating evidence of poor performance, thermography can be used to provide further information which can assist in diagnosing the suspected issue 
There are a wide variety of uses for thermal imagery these include; 
Mechanical Inspection 
Solar Panel Inspection (Aerial Survey) 
Leak Detection 
Heat Loss Survey 
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