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The other day a builder asked what a drone can do nowadays: 
“Do you use yours just for taking aerial images?” he said. 
The answer was an authoritative “NO!” 
Drones aren’t just for taking pretty pictures, as they also help builders, architects and construction companies with multiple tasks. These include brownfield and greenfield site planning, volume measurements, area calculations and progress reports, as well as many other crucial processes. 
When used to its full potential, drone footage can help construction businesses to avoid delays and save a lot of money, all while ensuring pinpoint accuracy across the board. The result is a strong return on investment thanks to greater control over how quickly the feasibility, design and construction phases progress. 

We’re with you from day one 

When the project begins, we’ll visit to create a 3D model of the site. From this data you’ll be able to calculate areas, monitor levels of elevation and work out the land mass quantities that need moving or filling in. This 3D model will also help management meetings to run more smoothly, as the information makes planning the week ahead a much simpler process. 

Fantastic levels of accuracy 

The infrastructure of your project is crucial, so you’ll be pleased to hear that our drone will give you accurate to 1% land levels. This data is perfect for digging footings, planning roadways and laying water piping and cables. 

Regular visits 

It’s not just the start of the project that we can help with, as our drone footage also supports site supervision and progress reports. 
Aerial images and drone videography allow you to view the site from a whole new angle and determine how well it all fits together. Ongoing construction can be recorded and overlaid maps created, which are relayed to your workforce within 24 hours of the images being taken. 
You can also use this footage to see how efficiently each development stage is carried out, which benefits both the project at hand and also future ways of working. 

Virtual tours 

Once the construction phase is complete, it’s time for a virtual tour that will help you to sell properties or rent out units much more quickly. 3D virtual tours are extremely popular with consumers, as they can enjoy a fully immersive experience of both the external surroundings and the interiors of the properties. This speeds up the decision making process, resulting in properties being bought or rented out much faster. 

Brand exposure 

Large construction projects are a big deal and newspapers will usually want to cover them in their business sections or even on the front page. However, a lack of strong photography can result in your news being postponed and then inevitably forgotten about by the journalist. 
This simply doesn’t have to be the case. If you have your own bank of high-quality images at the ready, you can grab the attention of media professionals and secure valuable PR whilst it’s still available. This can do wonders for the growth of a construction company, as brand awareness often brings with it new opportunities for development, collaboration, recruitment and investment. 

Book your drone footage today 

We help builders and construction companies to aim higher and achieve more from their projects. To find out more and receive a tailored quotation, get in touch through our contact form
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