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No matter how well you look after your property, it’s very easy to forget about the roof. However, the roof is actually where a lot of troubles can begin, such as draughts, leaks, intrusive vegetation, nesting birds and vermin infestations. If left unchecked, these can grow into significant issues within the building both aesthetically and structurally, plus storm damage and general deterioration can also compromise the security of commercial premises. 
Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord or the site manager for a company, it’s recommended that you book a roof inspection on a yearly basis. This enables you to stay on top of maintenance requirements and nip problems in the bud. In the event that everything is fine and your roof is sound, you receive visual documentation to prove it and gain peace of mind. If there are faults that need rectifying, you know exactly what they are and where they’re located, making repairs a much easier process. 

Drone roof inspections are highly precise 

Dee4Drones specialises in carrying out roof inspections for commercial and domestic customers in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and across the UK. Rather than requiring ladders, scaffolding, safety equipment and multiple workmen scaling your building, a drone roof inspection is incredibly fast, thorough and effective. In the process, we can report back on the following factors and much more: 
Locate any loose, cracked or missing tiles 
Check whether the gutters are blocked with leaves and debris 
Inspect solar panels and other systems 
Search for any damage from wind, rain, ageing and general wear and tear 
Confirm that the roof is secure or if there are any security breaches 
Allow you to buy or sell a property knowing the exact condition of the entire roof 

A fast, safe and affordable service 

What with there being no need for us to make our way up there, a drone roof inspection comes with far greater speed and a lower cost compared to the traditional method. We can provide you with in-depth results the very same day, plus safety levels are maximised due to the drone being the only object working at height, with the pilot remaining firmly on the ground. 

Better results 

As well as being a quicker, safer and more cost-effective process, a drone roof inspection brings exceptional results. This is thanks to the unparalleled manoeuvrability of a drone, allowing us to view areas that are difficult to reach as well as providing panoramic shots. We also take all of the photos in high resolution, ensuring that you can see everything clearly and determine whether any repairs or upgrades are required. 

Reduced insurance costs 

Conventional roof inspections are risky even when carried out by professionals. As a result, the provider needs to pay for suitable insurance for multiple team members working at height, which raises the company’s costs and often its fees as a result. Drones come with far fewer risks and are therefore much more affordable to run. We pass these savings on to you by keeping our prices competitively low. 
On top of this, your own insurance will benefit from regular drone roof inspections. This applies to both homeowners and businesses, as regular checks for issues related to the safety, condition and security of the roof give you the power to accurately assess the level of insurance you need and provide evidence when making a claim

Book a drone roof inspection today 

When it comes to using drones for roof inspections, the sky’s the limit. To find out more and receive a tailored quotation, get in touch today. 
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