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No one likes making an insurance claim because it only happens when there’s been loss or damage to possessions or property, which can be a very stressful time. Whilst we can’t promise that you’ll never have to make an insurance claim, we can guarantee that our drone services will make it a much smoother process. 

Here for homeowners 

Your insurance company will almost certainly have asked you to take photos of valuable possessions. From rings and watches to paintings, electrical devices and expensive furniture, there are a lot of things that we value in our lives. But out of all the items you’ll visually document, there’s one that’s almost always forgotten about, even though it protects us from leaks, draughts, adverse weather and criminal access. 
We are of course talking about the roof over your head. Many of us take our roofs for granted but without them we wouldn’t be able to get any insurance in the first place. The question is, can you prove the condition of your roof without a shadow of a doubt? 

A changing climate 

Global warming and extreme weather events are changing the insurance landscape. As the climate becomes more unpredictable, insurance companies are under increasing pressure due to a greater volume of claims. This means higher premiums and a lower chance of your claim being accepted if the condition of your roof led to water damage or other factors caused by the weather. 
It’s funny that an insurance company will rarely recommend aerial imagery to prove the condition of your roof, yet that doesn’t mean they’ll pay out if an incident occurs. By hiring a professional drone photographer to capture the roof and the rest of your home on camera, you have everything you need to make insurance claims a whole lot easier. 

Fast, easy and affordable 

Dee4Drones regularly carries out the highest standard of roof inspections for homeowners and landlords in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and across the UK. Using a drone means there’s no need for ladders, scaffolding, more than one worker and the risks that come with working at height. Instead, our pilot visits your property and sends the drone up to capture high-resolution imagery of your roof with zero hassle. 
We can provide results the very same day and our costs are always low thanks to the optimised efficiency of drone inspections. Factors such as hard to reach areas and steeply sloped roofs simply aren’t an issue for drones, plus the accuracy and clarity of the images will blow you away. 

Book a drone roof inspection today 

The corporate sector undertakes aerial images for maintenance reports to keep insurance premiums at a minimum. We make it super easy for homeowners to do the same, plus we can help you to pinpoint any issues in the process such as loose tiles, nesting birds and blocked gutters. To find out more and receive a tailored quotation, get in touch today. 
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